New Year, New Hog Hunt

We Started the New Year Hog Hunting

Wild Game Food Bank Hog Hunting in 2015

Wild Game Food Bank Hog Hunting in 2015

We’re eight days into the new year and things have picked up. Our Hillsborough, Polk, and DeSoto Outfits have received donations. I made a drop-off to The Mission of Winter Haven this morning, and there is more meat waiting at the processors to be distributed. If that’s any indication, it looks like the remainder of hunting season (and New Year) could be successful.

We rang in the New Year with our friends, the Ceperos. Lee Cepero is the owner and host of the outdoor radio show Trophy Taker Outdoors. He and his wife, Dawn, invited us to spend a few days at their hunting camp in Highlands County.  So, we packed up our camo and rifles and headed South.

It was the last weekend of hunting in this zone, and not quite rutting conditions at our lease. So, needless to say, we were happy to go hunting and spend some time with good friends. Our kids played, we rode the buggy, the men cooked (and cleaned the hogs), and I even got to sit in the treestand multiple days in a row. I believe that could be defined as a Southern Mama’s paradise. Yes, priorities have changed in the last few years for me. I traded in my sequined New Year’s Eve dress for a ThermaCell and the woods. I love spending time with Hubs, I want to be a proficient hunter by the time William is ready to sit in the treestand (because him and Dad can’t have all the fun without me!), and I don’t expect our hunter friends to be the only folks contributing wild game to WGFB. I was on a mission.

The The Meadows and Cepero Familiesfirst afternoon in the woods Dawn and I were dropped off at what looked to be a promising spot, and the husbands and kiddos went riding in search of some hogs. Well our promising spot quickly turned into a windy/mosquito/not an animal in sight mess. No worries. One afternoon down, several more to go. Besides, we had a campfire and s’mores to get to.

The next morning (and first hunt of 2015) Lee and I set out to shoot something. We got in the stand early and waited for the sun to rise. The wind was right but things were quiet. As we debated who was the smelliest (he blamed me, I blamed him; and if you heard us on-air last weekend, yes, I might have been wearing make-up but only because I was confident that he would put me on something worth shooting) the morning ticked on. We sat a little later than we planned and it paid off. Storming in came a 250 lbs hog but I didn’t have a shot. We waited for him to round a tree, out popped a hog, and I took him down. Well, the big guy had left and I shot his smaller, not as impressive friend but I was happy. We had meat for our soup kitchens and a fun morning hunt. We snapped our first ever hog selfie and headed to camp to cook some bacon.

We got a couple more hunts in before heading back to Polk County. We had a great time and couldn’t have been happier to kick off 2015 hunting for Wild Game Food Bank.

Now home, we have several weeks left of the season, and the rut is just getting started in our part of zone B. I know we’ll be hunting as much as we can and hope you will be too. Be sure to give us a call if you find yourself with wild game to spare.

Next week I’ll tally up our donations to date and we’ll see where we’re at. Keep ’em coming!


Caitlin Meadows
WGFB President


Wide Open Spaces Tells Folks How to Donate

It’s so exciting to see publications as well as the online community support Wild Game Food Bank! Will Palmer with contacted us a few weeks ago after hearing about us on Trophy Taker Outdoors Radio Show on 102.5. The radio show is a Saturday morning program that talks about hunting and fishing, and they’re big supporters of WGFB. Will is a contributing writer to the website and lives in Central Florida. We’re thankful for his support!

You can read his WGFB write-up and other great hunting articles by following the link below. 

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