Successful Hunting Season? You be the Judge.

So, I was reading a recent post from the Trophy Taker Outdoors Radio Show on how you gauge a successful hunting season. Having fun and making memories is great but it got me thinking, around here I gauge it by pounds of meat harvested. So, I’ve calculated the donations from the last few weeks and have updated our numbers. So far this season to date, we have coordinated 928 lbs of wild game meat to soup kitchens and food pantries that feed our neighbors in need.

928 lbs of Meat Creates about 2,475 Servings

And the season isn’t over yet! It may have wrapped up in most parts of the State but Zone B (and Zone D) are open until February 22nd. So check the zone maps if you need to, plan a hunt, checkout the management areas, and if you have a successful hunt – give us a call to make your donation!

p.s. You can view our Processing page to find the processor/drop-off nearest you!


Caitlin Meadows
WGFB President