Looking Ahead & Needing Volunteers

Grateful but Always Looking Ahead

As I took the time this past week to write several thank you notes following last month’s Hunger Shootout (if you missed it, read more here!) It hit me, in July I didn’t know how successful it would be, and I didn’t realize how quickly our first organized fundraiser would come.

It’s now October, The Hunger Shootout has passed, and I’m looking ahead to the Orange Blossom Revue in December; Just two short months away. An even bigger event, with more moving parts, more wonderful people collaborating to host it, and more potential for Wild Game Food Bank to gain ways and means to continue our mission…to be Hunters on a Mission.

I hope that the friends of Wild Game Food Bank plan to join us in December. Do you want to compete in the BBQ competition? Or maybe you just want to eat some good ole BBQ and enjoy the festivities (admission is just $1). Or, maybe, just maybe you see yourself getting more involved with Wild Game Food Bank and stepping up to volunteer. If that’s the case, let us know. We’ll be glad to have the extra set of hands, and we’ll be glad to meet more members of our community who enjoy giving back.

To Volunteer Email wildgamefoodbank@gmail.com or call/text 863.845.6562 

See You in December,


Caitlin Meadows
WGFB President