Fall is Upon Us i.e. It’s Our Birthday!

The Fall is an exciting time of year for our family. It means football, bonfire dreaming, and the start of hunting season. Around our house we run on season years and so does Wild Game Food Bank. The anticipation of a new hunting season brings much excitement, and this Fall is especially dear to us since it’s the start of our second season.

This month marked the one-year anniversary of Wild Game Food Bank, and a busy year it’s been! 

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We started out working under the support of a fund setup by The Mission of Winter Haven. They had faith in Wild Game Food Bank, and we’re very grateful for this incredible organization. Since this time we’ve done a lot to get started. And by getting started I mean coordinating hunter harvests that totaled 5,175 meat servings, and branching out into two additional Counties!

In the first year, Wild Game Food Bank raised 5,175 meat servings for neighbors in need.

Processed Meat in Cooler Stocking The Mission FreezerFreezer Full of Meat

Just this month we even secured a DeSoto County processor that will accept and process meat from hunters in that area, we participated in the Polk County Farm Bureau’s Hunger Shootout sporting clays tournament  (more to come on that!), and we also finalized our Articles of Incorporation. It’s been a wonderful year, and we know it’s because there is a need in our community that we’re helping to meet. We also know that our Faith and community have chosen to support us, and for that we are beyond grateful.

So, as we move into our second season, we ask that you keep us in mind.

Become a Hunter on a Mission.

Turn your passion for hunting into a passion for serving others.

Happy Hunting & Happy Birthday to Wild Game Food Bank!

Many Blessings,

Caitlin Meadows
WGFB President