Meat Acceptance Procedures

How Hunters Can Donate Wild Game Harvests

Many hunters spend time in the woods for recreation, food for their table, or implementing nuisance control. Please call us when you anticipate, or find yourself, with wild game that you don’t have a use for. We will coordinate the meat processing and distribution to soup kitchens and food pantries that feed members of our community in need.

We Accept:

  • Deer Meat
  • Exotic Game Meat
  • Hog Meat
  • Fish (Polk County)
  • Processed & Packaged Donations (Drop-off at the Benefiting Org in your area.)

WGFB Outfits have varying drop-off procedures. Below is an outline of how to donate meat in your area.

Polk County
Chop-N-Block on Cypress Gardens Road in Winter Haven can accept field-dressed and skinned harvest donations. During Fall-Spring Chop-N-Block’s hours are 7 am – 8 pm. During the summer season (and until they get ramped up in the Fall) they are in the shop as needed. So, please call ahead to ensure someone is available to meet you.

If you have a whole harvest but aren’t able to field dress it, please contact us. We can typically coordinate a volunteer to assist with this. We don’t want a good harvest to go to waste.

Click here for directions to Chop N’ Block.

Hillsborough County
Whole harvests, field dressed harvests, or quartered meat can be taken to Al’s Wild Meat Processing in Riverview. The Owner & Operator Allan Hogan is a Firefighter, so there are times during the off-season that the shop is closed. Call us to coordinate your drop-off.

Click here for directions to Al’s Wild Meat Processing.

Lake/Sumter County
Field dressed and skinned harvests or quartered meat can be taken to Baker’s Custom Meats in Oxford.

Click here for directions to Baker’s Custom Meats.

Note: WGFB accepts chilled meat and properly handled meat donations in good faith. If WGFB and/or the designated meat processor has a concern regarding the safety and handling of the meat, we will dispose of that donation. For information regarding proper wild game handling procedures please click here.

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