Thank God, Hunting Season is Almost Here

“Thank God. We sure do need it.”

The quote above was in response to us celebrating the fact that hunting season is almost here. Those words hit me hard.

My family and I have spent our free time during the last few weeks preparing for the upcoming hunting season. We’ve enjoyed the time outdoors filling feeders, taking our son on the Ranger, and comparing the bucks and hogs that we’ve seen on the game cameras to last year’s wildlife (and calling dibs on who gets what shot). We’ve had lighthearted fun anticipating the upcoming season while WGFB benefiting organizations are praying for meat.

Literally praying for the Lord to use members of the community and the fruit of the earth to help their ministries serve others i.e. Thank you God. Hunting season is almost here.

I’m confident that last year we played a small part in answering that prayer. We provided a little more than 5,100 meals to the Winter Haven community. Whether WGFB processes one deer or 500, I know our efforts have an impact. I’m anxious to see what will happen this year. Since last season we’ve worked hard to spread the word, and we’ve setup WGFB Outfits in two other counties. Going into the season I don’t know if meat donations will increase, decrease, or if the other Counties will even see success. But what I do know is that we’re trying, and that we’re grateful for the communities support.

I also know that my family enjoys hunting but we don’t need to hunt. We have the luxury of going to the grocery store, drive-thru, or a nice restaurant. We do keep wild game every year because we love the healthy meat but the majority of our harvests will be donated to WGFB. We coordinate the effort and we contribute too. So,what do you plan to do with your meat harvests? Will you be an answer to our hungry community’s prayer?

Proverbs 22:9 Happy is the generous man, the one who feeds the poor.

Happy Hunting,

Caitlin Meadows
WGFB Managing Director