Hunter Donations & Fund Support Needed

WGFB began operating almost a year ago. We didn’t know what our impact would look like. We didn’t know how many people would hear of our initiative and get involved. We just knew that we were going to try. Because of the support that we have received, we now have the infrastructure in place to operate in three Central Florida Counties. We couldn’t be happier but we still need your help.

As hunting season nears (and we dream of cooler weather to hunt in), we will need hunters willing to donate their harvests (a portion of the meat or all of it, we’ll gladly accept both).

Almost as important, we will need fund donations to support the three WGFB Outfits. These donations will pay for the necessary meat processing expense.

So, bottom line, we are praying that you will keep our cause in mind when you’re in the woods, and we hope we will have financial support from the community to allow us to continue.

Click Here To make a financial donation. 

Click Here To learn more about donating meat you, and Click Here for drop-off locations.

Thank you & Happy Hunting,


Caitlin Meadows

WGFB Executive Director


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